Unicorn Love Vinyl LP

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Gabriel / TaliasVan grew up singing Rhythm & Blues, Soul and Pop on the inner city streets of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  He learned to sing harmony and later lead with the many black groups that sang their way from street corners to fame.  As a nightclub performer, he also began singing Jazz with musicians that influenced his original Folk, Pop, Jazz, and R & B fusion style, which he later evolved into CosmoPop® music. After experiencing a spiritual awakening at age 24, TaliasVan fused his spiritual walk with his musical talents to create some of the planet’s best higher-consciousness music.

In 1985 he recorded Unicorn Love, the world’s first New Age Vocal album—produced by himself using some of the best musicians in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With songs written from his own soul experience that express the agony and ecstasy of life, he touches and inspires the hearts and minds of his listeners, giving them hope in the midst of the day-to-day struggles of life. Gabriel / TaliasVan has not compromised his message, lyrics, or music with Hollywood. This special collector’s item has ten songs whose spiritual messages are as poignant and profound today as they were when he first wrote them.

  1. Flowers

  2. Thinking How I Love You

  3. How Can We Judge Other People

  4. Listen To The Calling

  5. Wake Up America  (Recorded again with The Bright & Morning  Star Band on Holy City CD)

  6. Escape

  7. Unicorn Love

  8. But You're Not With Me

  9. The Great American Dream  (Recorded again with The Bright & Morning Star Band on Holy City CD)

  10. Good-bye Little Bird