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A Union of Souls

Indigo Children & Starseed Reality

"Thoughts in alignment with cosmic absolutes and cosmic virtues within the personality circuits are the most powerful force in the master universe. This subject is immense in scope and eternal in understanding."

Paladin, Chief of Finaliters — Paper 258, The Cosmic Family Volume II

Destiny Purpose

What is The First Stage of Light & Life?

Spiritual Leadership

Epochal Revelation


It is literally true, “melody has power a whole world to transform.” Forever, music will remain the universal language of men, angels, and spirits. Harmony is the speech of Havona.

An Archangel of Nebadon, Paper 44, The Urantia Book

Every Song a Masterpiece

CosmoPop® music is spiritual vocal music by TaliasVan that addresses the sufferings of our times and gives hope for a better world to come. CosmoPop® incorporates various modern rhythms and moods with future expressions and opens the memory circuits of starseed.


The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion

· A Living Revelation ·

All Global Change Tools products are developed, studied and practiced on-site at the University where the concepts, truths and counsel of the revelation come to life in day-to-day community living.

The Divine New Order

A book of prophecy, a story of faith and the autobiography of Gabriel of Urantia/TaliasVan of Tora. Discover the Creator's plan to establish a Divine New Order for our world and how you can help to bring about the dawn of the first stage of light and life—to overcome the existing death and darkness of our world in peril by bringing genuine hope, real love, and true justice to every corner of the planet.


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The Cosmic Family Volume 1


Global Change Music


Home Study Courses