Holy City CosmoPop® CD

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Music of the future for minds of the future. Many of the songs on this CD were written on the beach of Santa Monica, while TaliasVan was in Hollywood trying to market his CosmoPop® music to a record industry based upon greed and trite, rote, bubblegum music. He later went on to put together his own world-class studio and produce and record these songs and start his own Global Change Music Nonprofit Record Label.

  1. Holy City includes eight musical masterpieces of a variety of CosmoPop® styles.
  2. Wake Up America - (CosmoMidzone) - Crying out to those blinded by materialism and greed, stuck in their own apathy and complacency.
  3. Morning Song - (CosmoMidzone) - Giving thanks to the First Artist of each new morning.
  4. Wish Angel Sandman - (CosmoMystic) - A musical conversation with one's interdimensional guide.
  5. Arizona's Calling Me - (CosmoNative) - A call to the First Planetary Sacred Home.
  6. Oh My Niánn - (CosmoCountry) - Giving thanks to the Creator for the most precious of gifts, the children of a complementary relationship.
  7. The Great American Dream - (CosmoMidzone) - Regaining the original dream of our Founding Fathers.
  8. The Freedom Song - (CosmoMidzone) - A tribute to Ken Saro-Wiwa (who was tortured and died in prison), the people of Nigeria, and spiritual freedom fighters of the world.
  9. Holy City - (CosmoMidzone) - The coming of the New Jerusalem. Peter's vision from the cross in Rome.