Global Change Music

Music of the Future for Minds of the Future™

Check out these albums by musicians living a message of positive radical change. These are Global Change Music artists spearheaded by the vision and artistry of TaliasVan and his interuniversal and interdimensional genre of spiritually-hip vocal music, CosmoPop®

Global Change Music lyrics speak of taking action against any form of injustice where the people are oppressed. Global Change Music is music for global change, but we believe it will take more than just the music. As a multifaceted nonprofit record label, Global Change Music encourages taking personal action against the broken systems of the world.

"In order for music to be truly of eternal value, the artist must be truly of eternal value—for music is the expression of the spirit of man/woman. If that spirit is filled with love and compassion, that is heard in the music. If that spirit is filled with anger, that too is heard in the music. If that spirit is filled with triteness, that also is heard in the music. It is easier to write beautiful words than to live them. A musician who wants to make a difference on this planet needs to walk the walk that he or she writes about.” 
TaliasVan, founder of Global Change Music