CosmoWorship I CD

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An inspiring variety of cosmic worship compositions written by TaliasVan and performed by his 40-voice Bright & Morning Star Choir, accompanied by an eight-piece instrumental ensemble.

These unique, inspiring and uplifting tunes include:

  1. Cosmic Family - Reminding us that all the Creator's children are part of the great cosmic family.
  2. Particle Harmonies - An upbeat "song of heavenly cheer".
  3. Let Love Shine - A call to the best in all of us.
  4. Tree Of Life - We are the "tree of life" for each other.
  5. Walk Across The Universe - This touching song's chorus is, "I'd walk across the universe, just to see your face."
  6. Love's Gonna Do It - A jolly tune about the power of love!
  7. Exultet - A celebratory and sacred song of praise and worship sung in Latin and English that will transport you to 1800's Europe and another cosmic dimension at the same time.
  8. Jesus Lullaby - For the most beautiful being to ever walk this earth in a gentle vocal style.
  9. Be So Kind - ...and "be so gentle" is the beautiful message of this childlike song.
  10. Michael - A magical and glorious chant for our Universe Father, Jesus Christ Michael.