Home Study Course: The URANTIA Book, The Life & Teachings of Jesus

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The Life & Teachings of Jesus

13 courses with 3-10 lessons per course - 1 course per purchase

Entire module consists of a total of 81 lessons


The URANTIA Book – The first one-tenth of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. A study book that you read over a lifetime, like the Bible, to come back to often and read. 196 Papers, 2,000+ pages.

This course is based off of the last third of The URANTIA Book studying the life and teachings of Jesus--an expanded story of Jesus and his life, from his birth through his teaching years, to the final moment of his crucifixion and his later appearances to the apostles.  Those already familiar with Jesus' mission will enjoy this supplemented biography of the Master's life, which includes detailed accounts of the "missing years," his public ministry, family life, and his timeless parables.

The intimate portrayal of Jesus' life presented in The URANTIA Book guides the reader into experiencing a heightened and exceptionally personal relationship with Jesus. 

As this is an in-depth facet of study with numerous lessons, many options of study are available.  Some students may wish to take the entire facet from start to finish for the most in-depth and comprehensive understanding of "The Life and Teachings of Jesus".  It is also an option to customize your study by selecting a variety of courses, depending on your specific interests.  More information on content of each course available upon request.

In this module, the following courses of study are offered:

UBJesus101 – Creators Sons and Their Bestowals

  • 6 lessons

 UBJesus102 – Childhood of Jesus

  • 6 lessons

 UBJesus103 – Personal Ministry Period as Adult

  • 7 lessons

 UBJesus104 – Transitioning and Preparing for Public Ministry

  • 6 lessons

 UBJesus105 – First Stages of Public Ministry

  • 5 lessons

 UBJesus106 – Second Phase of Public Ministry

  • 6 lessons

 UBJesus107 – Beginning of the Troubled Stage of Public Ministry

  • 7 lessons

 UBJesus108 – Decapolis Tour

  • 6 lessons

 UBJesus109 – The Perea, Philadelphia, and Pella Visits

  • 7 lessons

 UBJesus110 – Jerusalem – the Beginning of the End

  • 7 lessons

 UBJesus111 – The Last Days

  • 10 lessons

 UBJesus112 – Resurrection and Morontia Appearances

  • 5 lessons

 UBJesus113 – After Ascension of Jesus, Final Papers

  • 3 lessons

Certification of Completion upon final lesson for Home Study student.


The URANTIA Book – The first one-tenth of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. A study book that you read over a lifetime, like the Bible, to come back to often and read. 196 Papers, 2,000+ pages.



The Concordex of The URANTIA Book or The URANTIA Book Concordance would be helpful. If you are unable to purchase on of the two reference books, then public library access to a copy may be an option.


This course could help the student obtain easier admission in The University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion, leading to ordination.  

It is recommended that The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 Home Study Course also be taken simultaneously if possible, as The Cosmic Family volumes are the continuation of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, The URANTIA Book.



Living Through The Tribulation — How To Survive By Starting Subcultures, Gabriel of Urantia’s autobiography that challenges the social, political, and spiritual status quo.

The story of the beginning of Divine Administration and Global Community Communications Alliance as well as the beginning of the regathering of the cosmic family and Gabriel as an Audio Fusion Material Complement. 

Remember that under the First Amendment individuals have the right of religious freedom to believe what they choose. You can disbelieve the author but give the author the courtesy of having his right to believe what his experience, his reality, and his God reveal to him.

The easiest book to read and the hardest to believe.


Teachings on Healing, From a Spiritual Perspective, A compilation of years of personal growth experience offering very real solutions for personal transformation and healing by Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase.

Written in lay terms with easier-to-read recipes for mind and body healing to prevent further disease. Can be read as a reference book throughout the years, addressing various illnesses.