Teachings on Healing From a Spiritual Perspective

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Available in Paperback and Hardback 

Healing has been the focus of Gabriel of Urantia's and Niánn Emerson Chase's mission and mandate all their adult lives.

Their work in helping people to achieve true healing has manifested through many programs they've founded in the arts, music, theater, literature, organic gardening, and more, as they recognize the important links between healing, creativity, soul-expression, and destiny fulfillment.

In 2006 they founded the Soulistic Medical Institute to assist patients in discerning and addressing the root cause of illness whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. 

Teachings On Healing, From A Spiritual Perspective is a compilation of years of personal growth experience and study of the human condition, offering very real solutions for personal transformation and healing, recognizing the role each patient plays in his or her own healing process and the importance of a wholehearted desire to heal holistically, or rather soulistically.