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The Fifth Epochal Revelation and the language of the Hopi Fifth World.  First published in 1955 by the Urantia Foundation, The URANTIA Book is the first one-tenth of the Fifth Epochal Revelation being given to our planet—Urantia, the cosmic name for the Earth.

Consisting of 196 papers authored by various celestial personalities, the writings in The URANTIA Book teach us about the genesis, history, and destiny of humanity and our relationship with God the Father.

The teachings are presented in four parts—The Central and Superuniverses, The Local Universe, The History of Urantia, and The Life and Teachings of Jesus.

The teachings of The URANTIA Book provide the fulcrum for the concepts and precepts of Divine Administration and the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation as presented in The Cosmic Family volumes. 

The URANTIA Book is the beginning teachings of a spiritual revelation to unite the peoples of the world in peace, tolerance, and understanding and is a key element to our coming together as one planetary family and global community.