The Cosmic Family, Volume 3

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609 Pages

Available in Paperback and Hardback

The Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation is a continuation of the 2,097 pages of The URANTIA Book and is Epochal Revelation-meaning revelation directly given from God about the Creator's Master Universe-and is the latest revelation to humankind.

As our world continues to plummet deeper into turmoil-economically, environmentally, politically, and socially-The Cosmic Family volumes shine the real light of hope, presenting truth through Epochal Revelation shared with our world by celestial beings mandated to assist in the planetary shift from the third dimension into the fourth dimension, the First Stage of Light and Life, a Divine New Order.

Building on the foundations of Volumes 1 and 2, The Cosmic Family, Volume 3 continues to complement science and spirituality, mind and thought life to health, beginning with examining in-depth new approaches to personal change and healing.

The Cosmic Family, Volume 3 offers profound spiritual insights into disease and disharmony. To the true spiritual seeker, readers of Volume 3 will discover it is an invaluable "instruction manual," providing real answers for how every soul can genuinely contribute to healing their own lives and our planet. Truly, this third volume is one of the most amazing and unique books on Earth.

Beginning with Volume 1 and in each succeeding volume, this Epochal Revelation introduces the world to new cosmic concepts and terminology, offering the serious spiritual seeker a unique framework to launch off from into new dimensions, along with clarifying fallacies and formerly confusing and deceptive teachings in relation to certain New Age and spiritual subjects.

The Cosmic Family volumes, which are the continuation of The URANTIA Book (the beginning of the Fifth Epochal Revelation), reveal unprecedented cosmic knowledge, fusing science and spirituality into Ascension Science. The Cosmic Family volumes (the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation) challenge the minds and souls of those who have accepted a false reality, which cannot bring true happiness, peace, and harmony. These volumes give an expanded understanding of the Lucifer Rebellion and Lucifer's Manifesto, perpetrated upon the peoples of this planet for hundreds of thousands of years, contributing to the present state of chaos and human tragedy.

Spiritual leader Van / Gabriel of Urantia / TaliasVan of Tora (a planet in the Pleiades) is an Audio Fusion Material Complement (for further explanation see The Cosmic Family volumes), activist, teacher, musician, and author. In 1989, along with his highest spiritual complement Niánn Emerson Chase, he co-founded Global Community Communications Alliance/Divine Administration-supporting multi-faceted organizations and including 120+ international members (Destiny Reservists who are Human-Rights Missionaries) living in community at The University of Ascension Science and The Physics of Rebellion in Rio Rico, Arizona, on the campus of Avalon EcoVillage, also home to the Global Temple.