The Best of the Film Industry

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128 Pages

We are what we consume - whether it be food, literature, music, or films. We need to be aware of not only what we are putting into our bodies, but also what we are putting into our minds. The Best of the Film Industry is a compilation of well over 1,254 films compiled over a 15-year period by Gabriel of Urantia which helps consumers take in the best (and leave the rest). 

What constitutes the "best"? The selection of these films had nothing to do with Best Director, Best Actor, Best Movie, or "Best" Hollywood anything. Many of these films would get an Academy Award outside of the politics of Hollywood. The reasons the films were chosen have to do with story, message, realism, cinematography, artistic flair, and acting, often from a spiritual point of view but not hypocritical or self-righteous. Many of the films picked, although the author feels are spiritual, would be banned by various religious ideologies. 

The book lists films that touch the heart and awaken the emotions, films of the adventure of both place and soul. So, rather than meandering the isles of the DVD store or pouring over the on-line selections, having The Best of the Film Industry close at hand saves time and energy and helps you choose quality films that uplift and inspire.