Starseed Acoustic Ensemble - Interuniversal Home CD

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This CD is a call to awaken starseed to their cosmic minds. With "interuniversal" band members from galaxies far, far away, by way of New Zealand, Hawaii, Idaho, Connecticut and Nashville, the Starseed Acoustic Ensemble has been creating Global Change Music for more than a decade. The ensemble strives to inspire positive action and create a bridge through music for all peoples to unite by sensitively presenting many of the world's pressing social problems in a larger context of hope. Their interuniversal musical blend artfully entertains the hearts and edifies the minds of their listeners. This CD is comprised of all-original lyrical and musical compositions, often with rich, beautiful 3- and 4-part male/female harmonies complemented by acoustic guitars, mandolin, accordion, bass, and drums, seasoned with violin, banjo, steel drum, penny whistle, and percussion. Their music can best be described as a fusion of world and folk with a cosmic twist!

Interuniversal Home inspires creativity and uplifts the soul. The Starseed Acoustic Ensemble shares positive sonic vibes with their listeners, who can then "pay it forward" by helping to create a brighter future for the children of this universe and beyond!

Check out their music video for their original song "Purified" on YouTube.