Spiritual Quotes by Gabriel of Urantia

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A sacred collection of insightful quotes about God and the ascension process. A delightful aid for personal inner contemplation.

Whether you've been on a spiritual path for many years or are just embarking on an inner journey, Gabriel of Urantia's Spiritual Quotes book holds many jewels of personal inspiration that will help you discover "who you are in God."

One of the world's foremost spiritual leaders and teachers, Gabriel of Urantia's unquenchable love for the Creator and humanity inspire his moment-to-moment search for truth, beauty, and goodness.

These thought-provoking expressions on topics such as spirituality; peace and perfection; love, friendship, and forgiveness; truth, virtue, and wisdom; and other poignant subjects will expand your mind and open your heart to the divine plan.

"Life is always moving, so remember you have to move with it." —Gabriel of Urantia