I'm Still Trying To Move On CosmoCountry CD

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TaliasVan's CosmoCountry™ genre is good 'ol country western with a cosmic twist!  Reengineering country music with unique and original creations by fusing various other genre styles all wrapped with a country flare.

  1. You Can Live Like Country On Mars - The idea that you can live anywhere and still have fun in your relationship with the Creator
  2. Broken Promises - A beautiful ballad of lost love with the redeeming message that "the promises God makes are never broken"
  3. Love in a Bar - "Love in a bar, never seems to get quite far, so watch what you say, and why not let the other person play?"
  4. Let Me Worry About Tomorrow When It Comes - Live life fully until your spiritual complement comes
  5. Just A Little More Grace - "Just a little more grace, to see me through Hope's door...You bless this faithful child and prove Your power"
  6. I'm Still Trying To Move On - Keep on truckin' with the Creator through life's trials
  7. Hey Friend - "Hey Friend, Hey Friend, I've been calling you, an aeon or two, where have you been?"