CosmoWorship II CD

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Listen to the Full Version of Interuniversal/InterPlanetary Child here:


Eight cosmic compositions performed live at Future Studios by TaliasVan's 40-person Bright & Morning Star Choir and Orchestra:

  1. The Higher Cosmic Language Song of Avalon — A masterpiece praising valiant, steadfast loyalty to the Universal Father, sung in a language older than time.
  2. The Forever Summer Song — A clarion call for starseed from the universes of Nebadon, Avalon, Wolvering, and Fanoving to find balance and stability.
  3. Song of Spectra — An energetic dance of particles. "All evolving, all revolving dance of light."
  4. Interuniversal/InterPlanetary Child — Dedicated to starchildren coming to Urantia from higher-worlds that have arrived at the first stage of light and life.
  5. Love Goes Before Me — A mantra, underscoring a processional of universe beings under the The Bright and Morning Star of Nebadon.
  6. Spiritual Orphans — "Come home to the land." Beckoning the spiritual orphans of the universes of Nebadon, Avalon, Wolvering, and Fanoving.
  7. When I Looked Up — A heartfelt expression of love from a father to his daughter. "The soul traveled from another planet called Panoptia to join in the battle against evil on Urantia."
  8. The Interuniversal Gaelic Sonnet Luminary — Weaving words and sounds from another universe into an interdimensional tapestry of cosmic expression.