CosmoPop® Variety CD

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This CD encompasses a wide variety of song styles from TaliasVan's collection, offering the listener an opportunity to experience the many dimensions of CosmoPop® music. The eight soundscapes in this album span the universes from CosmoCountry to CosmoMidzone to CosmoMystic to CosmoJazz to CosmoNative.

  1. Broken Promises - CosmoCountry
  2. Wish Angel Sandman - CosmoMidzone
  3. Cosmic Brides - CosmoMystic
  4. Energy Master - CosmoMystic
  5. You Can Live Like Country On Mars - CosmoCountry
  6. Mr. Image Man - CosmoJazz
  7. Arizona's Calling Me - CosmoNative
  8. Morning Song - CosmoMidzone