DVD Global Change Television Interview with Gabriel of Urantia & Niánn Emerson Chase

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In 1989 Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase co-founded Global Community Communications Alliance nonprofit spiritual educational organization and Avalon EcoVillage.  As spiritual activists and leaders—as well as pragmatic teachers and counselors—their work has touched the lives of thousands. Few individuals have done so much in such a broad spectrum.

In this fascinating interview—shot at Avalon EcoVillage (adjacent to the first Catholic mission in the United States, founded by Father Kino in 1691) in Rio Rico, Arizona, the new Planetary Sacred Headquarters and spiritual Mecca of the Western world—you'll learn of the incredible and still-unfolding life's work of these unique, aged souls, their hope for the future, and their divine calling to help usher in the first stage of light and life on Urantia (Earth).