Destiny • Volume XIII, Number 1

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"Often it is difficult to hold fast to the vision of where you belong in your highest destiny. Often you probably feel as if you are walking in a maze of distress and confusion due to your own choices as well as the choices of others. It is so easy for any of us to get confounded in the thick forest of daily living, getting caught up in seeing only the trees right in front of us and thus losing our sense of direction and getting lost, not able to find the path that leads out of the dense darkness of the forest into a meadow of light where a refreshing stream flows. With the vision of our highest destiny and a spiritized perspective, we are lifted out of the seeming maze of the forest and raised above to see a broader perspective, thus able to find the pathways that we should take in the moment that leads eventually to light and life." — Niánn Emerson Chase