Energy Master CosmoMystic™ CD and DVD Set

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TaliasVan's Energy Master—CosmoMystic CD is a cosmic and interdimensional experience of consciousness. 

The CD is complemented by a bonus 60-minute DVD that features the following:

  • An Interview with TaliasVan by Mycenay of Global Change Television
  • We Bid You Come video - an Introduction to EcoVillage Living
  • TaliasVan Explains his Visionary Sacred Global CosmoPop® Concerts
  • Energy Master Title Track Live Performance by TaliasVan & The Bright & Morning Star Band
  • TaliasVan Shares the Meaning of His Song Titles

With the exception of The Father of Your Moment and Tenache, all songs are of the CosmoMystic style of CosmoPop® Music.

The eight musical masterpieces on the CD are:

  1. Energy Master - One of TaliasVan's many names for the Creator.
  2. Edge City - A song about those who walk "the razor's edge" between right and wrong.
  3. The Father of Your Moment - (CosmoRock) - A call to walk with the "Energy Master" moment to moment.
  4. I Know You In Light - You can be in the light but live in the dark, and you can be in the dark but live in the Light.
  5. The Seasons of Your Soul - Understanding the agony and ecstasy of life in its transitions.
  6. Tenache - (CosmoNative) - Story of a past-life love lost and found again in another life.
  7. The Light Has Come Into The World - Only one true Avatar (deity) ever came to this world.
  8. I'm Wondering If It's All Real - With all the tragedies of life, one must have hope for the future of this planet.