CosmoPop® Millennium CD

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CosmoPop® Millennium is a variety of CosmoPop® styles with music and lyrics for the evolving mind in the new millennium. This innovative blend of rhythm & blues, rock, jazz, and folk uses mantras that showcase TaliasVan's own, unique CosmoPop® musical dimensions.

This CD contains seven sacred original songs:

  1. Cosmic Brides - (CosmoMystic) - For people of all races and religions throughout history who've suffered at the hands of greed.
  2. Mr. Image Man - (CosmoJazz) - A message for all who have one foot in fame and one foot in the Creator.
  3. As I Love You - (CosmoMidzone) - Written by TaliasVan for his 7-year old daughter Dina after her death in open heart surgery.
  4. Little Boy Blue - (CosmoRock) - A song of TaliasVan's human struggles with trusting God's timing along the path of destiny.
  5. Fused - (CosmoMidzone) - A melodious description of the process of fusing with higher celestial beings.
  6. Forever Friend - (CosmoMystic) - About receiving your Angel of Enlightenment.
  7. Sedona Sunrise - (CosmoMidzone) - About the glorious physical and one-time spiritual beauty of Sedona, Arizona.