The Cosmic Family, Volume 2

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Available in Paperback and Hardback

The Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation is a continuation of the 2,097-pages of The URANTIA Book and is Epochal Revelation—meaning revelation directly given from God about the Creator’s Master Universe—and is the latest revelation to humankind.

The Cosmic Family volumes shine the light of hope, presenting truth through epochal revelation shared with our world by celestial beings mandated to assist in the planetary shift from the 3rd Dimension into the 4th Dimension.

These volumes transmitted through the Audio Fusion Material Complement Gabriel of Urantia provide real answers for the crises our world faces, explaining how every soul can genuinely contribute to healing their own lives and our planet.

The Cosmic Family volumes, which are the continuation of The URANTIA Book (called the Fifth Epochal Revelation), reveal unprecedented cosmic knowledge, fusing science and spirituality into Ascension Science.

The Cosmic Family volumes (the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation) challenge the minds and souls of those who have accepted a false reality, which cannot bring true happiness, peace, and harmony and instead offer SpiritualutionSM spiritual solutions for the new millennium.


Building on the foundations of The Cosmic Family, Volume 1, this second volume further explains the current suffering state of our world and how to achieve positive and sustainable global change, beginning with examining in-depth new approaches to personal change and healing.

The Cosmic Family, Volume 2 offers profound spiritual insights into disease and disharmony. To the true spiritual seeker, readers of Volume 2 will discover it is an invaluable "instruction manual" for moving into higher dimensions of living and relating.

Truly, this second volume is one of the most amazing and unique books on earth.