Gabriel of Urantia: Understanding The Man Behind The Visionary—A Personality Profile

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"Who is Gabriel of Urantia?" is a question many people ask when they hear about the many claims and accomplishments of this man. Author Dr. Marayeh Cunningham is a psychologist who had a successful practice for more than 20 years before coming to Global Community Communications Alliance where she is now a Morontia Counselor and Human-Rights Liaison Minister. Dr. Cunningham, who's been on a spiritual path most of her adult life, has had the opportunity to observe and work closely with Gabriel of Urantia for more than 20 years. Using Abraham Maslow's theories of personality and motivation, she describes the multidimensional and multi-level quality of Gabriel of Urantia's unique personality which makes it possible for him to be an Audio Fusion Material Complement through which Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation is transmitted.