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The Cosmic Family, Volume I - Paper 210

The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia in Relation to the Gift of the Spirit of Truth and the Activation of that Spirit of Truth on Urantia. What is True Spirituality? Does it Differ in the Grand Universe?





One of the reasons why Christ Michael chose Urantia was because of its defaulted condition and His plan of gifting this planet with the Spirit of Truth, a part of His divine Self, which was available on some of His other inhabited worlds in Nebadon but not yet on Urantia. His divine Self is a dual-origin Paradise Son of the Father/Son circuitry.

Now the same Spirit of Truth is available to all planets in Nebadon. Because it was the seventh and final bestowal of Christ Michael on Urantia, a certain cosmic fusion took place that became a birth of the most powerful and cosmic definition of the Spirit of Truth bestowed by the Creator Son Himself. Although the Spirit of Truth is the same on all planets where it is bestowed, the level and power of its frequency of those various bestowals differs on system and planetary levels. Because of the personal visitation and bestowal of the Spirit of Truth by Michael, Urantia is first in the whole universe of Nebadon in Spirit of Truth personality and force activation, and due to the attention Urantia has received and is receiving since the crucifixion of Christ Michael, is also first in circuitry activation in relation to Son-circuited communication networks throughout the grand universe.

On an individual basis, the Spirit of Truth available on Urantia is activated first within the heart circuit. The spirit energy of the Son is an additional vibratory force engulfing and encircuiting all Urantia, and that force, which is dormant Son personality, is a presence which is activated in the heart circuit of an ascending son or daughter based upon certain conditions of that individual’s response as an ascending son or daughter in his or her relationship to God the Father. Here, even the person who has accepted a God-presence within his or her reality must begin to closer identify that God in higher cosmic insight and definition.

The bestowal of the Creator Son on Urantia is a cosmic fact, a historic event in universe reality. Non-recognition of a fact of such magnitude at whatever level will keep that person at a lower psychic circle and perhaps on a third-dimensional planet until this cosmic fact is comprehended at a necessary level. In order to tap into existing universe circuits pertaining to memory cycles and cosmic reality, divine law and absolutes, activation must begin within that ovan soul’s reality in time and space. This can only be done when the Spirit of Truth is received and activated, particularly on a fallen world such as Urantia.

The ovan soul has to re-receive the Spirit of Truth regardless of whether it has received it in a past repersonalization. If it received the Spirit of Truth in a past repersonalization since Pentecost, certain Deo-atomic cells are presently activated within the molecular structure which resonate with higher Deo-atomic reality and Paradise energies from both upper Paradise and nether Paradise.

Ovan souls who receive the Spirit of Truth most likely have received it once before, and will find themselves uncomfortable in orthodox Christianity and usually will come out of it. If they do remain in it, they will likely become considered by their peers to be nonconformists. Usually they cannot quite fit in with traditional Christian denominations no matter how they try. In observing them for almost two thousand years, it has been noted that, of these ovan souls in various repersonalizations, very few have defaulted by not receiving the Spirit of Truth again, and most of them have been able to either stay away from present-day Christianity or have come out of it.

An example of this would be an ovan soul who in a past repersonalization may have been a Christian, perhaps even a priest, and toward the end of his life saw the fallacy of Catholicism but remained in it because he was not strong enough to come out of it for whatever the reason. Now, in this current repersonalization, he may be a Native American and a good person, presented with Christianity by Christian missionaries who try to convert him. Although many within the tribe may convert, this soul is an ovan soul and one who has experienced the fallacy of Christianity once before and believes in the God of Christianity but not in the teachings of those who claim to be the messengers of that God. When this soul receives the Spirit of Truth again, it may lead him by pure impression away from all institutionalized religion, which makes it very difficult for him to earn his livelihood in teaching higher cosmic truths. Usually he has to earn his livelihood in another way, and does not gain the respect of the masses who see him as a renegade. The reality is that those who have not conformed have always been the highest teachers on the planet.

Francis of Assisi discovered in his early forties his error in remaining Catholic. It was not malaria or any other illness that caused his death, but grief when he realized that he did not have to go to the Pope for permission to do God’s will, and that he could have been much more successful in his spiritual mission outside of the Catholic Church than within it. He realized that if he left the Church he would lose those closest to him among the followers in the first order which he founded. He already had experienced one division within his order, and he did not want to create another. The Spirit of Truth, with which he was very much in contact, did get through to him in the end but it was too late, for Francis had grown tired and sick.

Present-day Urantia is experiencing confusion as never before among the billions of people on the planet, first-time Urantians and ovan souls alike. It is ever so difficult for the Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth to get through to the mind and heart of an individual. Many millions receive the Spirit of Truth, and then they are gathered by false teachers within the evangelical denominations throughout the world who are themselves deceived. They are then taught the dogmas of man which deactivate the reception of the Spirit of Truth and close the circuits before the Spirit of Truth can truly become activated within the individual.

Ovan souls stand a greater chance of escaping the clutches of doctrine and tradition. First-time Urantians presently find it almost impossible to escape traditionalized Christianity. Therefore the Spirit of Truth in these millions and millions of individuals never becomes fully heard. They misinterpret their own desires based upon the teachings of their pastors and their priests, as the Spirit of Truth speaking to them. They go into wrong careers, they marry incorrectly, and live their complete lives as Christians in a lower reality, and a false one at that, never reaching the third circle of attainment.

Therefore they are open candidates for every disease known on Urantia to afflict them. This is all caused by incorrect thinking, false obligations, and misplaced loyalties. Those who do come out of the Christian churches, who have seen the fallacies within them, usually have no place to go and so they fall into other entrapments. Some leave the Christian faith altogether and become Buddhists or Muslims or perhaps identify themselves with the present New Age, which contains much evolutionary superstition and borderline black magic.

Up until the Fifth Epochal Revelation and its publication in 1955, in reality there was no place for these souls to go. The Urantia movement was the beginning of a plan by Celestial Overcontrol to lead all these individuals, first in the United States, and then in other countries around the world, to small groups of higher circle attainers who could receive the Spirit of Truth at a higher level of activation. As of 1967 they could have also received an additional gift of the Holy Spirit to further help them understand higher revelation (see Paper 213).

Unfortunately, as happens in institutions, many of the Urantia study group meetings lost the concept of interpreting the papers with the gift of the Spirit of Truth. They read about it. Some even asked to receive it, and then they made a similar mistake that the born-again Christians make. They looked to Chicago for the answers and not within to the Spirit of Truth or the Thought Adjuster. They were not even aware that the Holy Spirit had become available to them at a higher activation, and perhaps they are still unaware, all because the interpreters of the Fifth Epochal Revelation became man, and when man interprets God’s absolutes, it usually manifests itself in either relative or fundamentalist thinking. In this case, within the Urantia movement, readers old and new alike became Urantian fundamentalists. Presently on Urantia, thousands of them are stuck in this static spirituality. And so the question arises:

What is Spirituality?

First of all, we will tell you what it isn’t. It isn’t a dress code. No form of dress makes a person holy, or wise, or indeed spiritual—not robes, not collars, not turbans. It is not the way a person walks. It is not their height or their weight. It is not in their ability to speak, nor their intellectual acquirements. No degree given to man or woman can make them spiritual. No university on this planet can proclaim in their schools of theology that a person is now spiritual. No fasting over a period of time or sacrifice can make a person spiritual. Neither can the diet of certain foods or vegetarianism as opposed to meat eating make a person spiritual. No substance found in the earth and ingested can make a person spiritual. No modern chemical injected can produce a spiritual personality. No amount of wealth, fame, or prestige can bring spirituality to a person. No appointment of position by man to man in any capacity can make a person spiritual. No self-sacrifice, no matter how great, alone can make a person spiritual—not the giving of a son or daughter or their rightful husband or wife to God, nor the giving of one’s income, nor the continued public announcement to others that you are God’s chosen. No amount of adulation of man for man can make another spiritual.

True spirituality or virtue is a process that begins based upon certain universe laws and procedures. True spirituality cannot be defined so simply. For example, even those who appear to present the fruits of the spirit may not be so spiritual at all. The virtues said to bring about the fruits of the spirit can be disguised at various levels of deception in the third dimension. It is not so simple, and many factors have to be taken into consideration.
Virtue for an ascending son or daughter is an acquired thing. It is learned over a period of time and that time may be hundreds, thousands, and, indeed, millions of years. It does not come upon you as the Baptists and Pentecostals say, in a moment of time upon the reception of the Spirit of Truth, making you perfect. It is an eternal process. When you reach finality you can begin to say that you are spiritual. Throughout the grand universe the degree to which you are truly spiritual is the degree of your own individual blessedness. Blessedness is the beginning of individual happiness, but blessedness is higher than happiness, for one can be happy in sin.

For too long on Urantia Lucifer has tried to replace spirituality with other things, thereby decreasing happiness for so many millions at whatever level they could acquire happiness. Whatever level your spirituality is, it creates the reality in which you find yourself and what you have and what you have not. It separates that which you desire from that which you will get. As your spirituality increases, your desires that are based upon the desires of God will become manifest.

The Spirit of Truth is the beginning of higher spirituality on Urantia, and the hearing of it—moment to moment above all else—is the activation of that spirituality which leads to your individual happiness and fulfillment. Spirituality is a golden box and within it can be found treasures—treasures that cannot be bought by ascending sons and daughters, for this golden box is owned by the Supreme Deity, and its gifts are bestowed based upon each individual’s willingness to seek his or her God in whatever way one can, based upon that search and knocking on the door of the heart of God, and then the golden box begins to be filled.

As you become honest, the gift of honesty is given. As you become patient, the gift of patience is given. As you become giving, the gift of things are given to you. As you seek wisdom over pride, wisdom is given, and the golden box begins to shine with the light of God, and we shall call this box the heart circuit. Wisdom, which increases one’s spirituality, cannot be purchased. Even when written, words of wisdom may not be understood, for wisdom is given in and through the Holy Spirit to those who put others first above their own selves, for it is written that love should not seek its own welfare but the welfare of others.

Motives in harmony with divine ordinance increase spirituality and bring the body into higher morontia realities and above. Individuals, who are trapped in third-dimensional patterns in regard to religious thinking and even livelihood, cannot even begin to reach the higher motives, for the higher motives deal with others outside of one’s own nuclear family, where most of the people of Urantia are presently obligated. Even worse than that, millions do not even have concern for their own families, but only concern for themselves as individuals. The more people whom you can place into the sphere of your responsibility, the higher your spirituality.

This is a divine thing, and it is divinely understood at different levels, and at whatever level you can now begin to grasp it, it is given to your planet. Certain spiritual leaders of the past have understood this, but it is available for all to understand, and when the mass consciousness of a planet can realize that we are each others’ keeper, the suffering of that planet will end. Words can be written and taught but little understood.

For thousands of years, philosophers have philosophized upon very high spiritual statements written by prophets and wise men of God, but few manifest the power of those words within their own realities for the benefit of the planet as a whole. At certain periods on Urantia at the time of certain renaissances, many ovan souls who had once come to the realization of selfless service to humankind were again brought to this planet and repersonalized as contemporaries, sometimes together and sometimes in different countries. It has been necessary on Urantia for these ovan souls to come back, for they have been the only voices to cry out against the established way of Caligastia.

What is spirituality? Many may think it is rebellion; and indeed it is. It is rebellion against Caligastia; it is rebellion against Luciferic reality; it is rebellion against evil, sin, and iniquity. Jesus was a rebel who came against the established norm. Today on Urantia the Spirit of Truth is even more so a rebel. Today the societies of the planet are much worse than they were even in Jesus’ time. Then, the people suffered in slavery and poverty. Today the people are also blinded because of materialism and foolish self-pursuit.

Spirituality is faith—the faith to be humble, the faith to give of one’s talents and abilities to the true spiritual teachers and elders on this planet when they can be found and recognized.

Spirituality is gentle when it has to be and forceful when it has to be. It is Father/Mother. It is not just Mother nor can it be just Father, and when the son or daughter is in balance with both, spirituality can be perfected, for the fusion of childish youth then is incorporated with maturated age, and a liveliness of spirit presents itself instead of rigidity and inflexibility.

Spirituality enjoys a good laugh, and some of the most highly spiritual personalities of time and space are great comedians. But the comedy is pure and is based upon cosmic fact of the relationships of the evolutionary process which is most humorous on the higher levels.

Spirituality is discipline. Discipline and perfection are wonderful as long as within this perfection one does not become so stagnant that one cannot change when necessary.
Spirituality to those who recognize it commands authority, and we bow to those of higher spirituality because of that spirituality in relation to the God of all. Spirituality and authority cannot be escaped, neither can spirituality and responsibility. Many refuse to become spiritual because they realize, even at a lower level, that they cannot escape responsibility for themselves or for others.

Spirituality begins in knowing one’s place with God at any particular moment in an individual’s existence. The saints of the past may be spiritual, but as they ascended to the higher mansion worlds and above, their spirituality increased, as it does with ovan souls who return to this planet and others, and who do not default in their reasons for being on Urantia or on their missions if they are Cosmic Reservists. Spirituality is strong character, and strong character is the fusion of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit in mortal likeness.

On some planets there are beings whom you would consider quite obese, but in comparison to any spiritual Urantian mortals at this time they would be like one with a Ph.D. compared to a kindergarten child in terms of their spirituality. It is because spirituality is a nontangible thing. You cannot touch spirituality, nor can you always judge it by appearance, and when you do you have erred greatly.

On some planets, those who are highly spiritual may be in a body form that would be so different from yours that they would actually frighten you. But those of us who have ascended high enough to sense the essence of God within them, once again, bow to their spirituality at whatever level they have attained it.

Spirituality cannot be technically acquired or scientifically produced. It can be scientifically analyzed in accordance with higher understanding and ascension science analysis, but it cannot be programmed, for only God can create a perfect being and the Creator Sons are the only ones given this power.

There is a difference between courage and foolishness. True courage demands some form of spiritual attainment. The more courageous one becomes in true spiritual alignment, the more one will accomplish for the benefit of all on a particular planet.

Spirituality is colorful and creates in the astral realms the purest perceptions of divine colors that can resonate around any one particular individual personality. These colors in turn manifest healing to that individual and to those who are blessed to be near them. On Urantia, the highest spiritual personalities most often become drained of energy, for so many others unknowingly draw from their life force. True spirituality is fragrant with odors that higher celestial personalities can distinguish. This is why, sometimes around high spiritual personalities, flower essences are recognized even by humans. These things, such as color and smell, are a science in themselves, and we are just beginning to touch on the subject.

The higher the spiritual personality, the more in control of one’s self in all respects one needs to become. It is increasingly easier to take into account many wrongs suffered without justifying oneself, for one begins to realize that justification is not necessary and it is only pride that wishes to make itself correct. It is one thing to correct a person’s wrong thinking. It is another thing to do it when it is either out of pride or not necessary. The line is so thin that it may take thousands and thousands of years to come to the place of accuracy. Higher spirituality is knowing the difference. Spirituality is knowledge fused with wisdom and applied with experiential reality in the evolutionary worlds and above. It is applied existential and experiential reality in relation to God and to others of God’s creation.

Higher spiritual personalities are social creatures. They are not isolationists. Solitude, although not only a temporal reality, can become a damaging thing when the spiritual personality begins to self-contemplate to the point of misaligning with higher authority or one’s peers at any level. Social communication with colleagues within the same realm of spiritual ascension is medicine for the ovan soul.

It is within the union of souls that higher spirituality can be manifested and actualized by ascending beings. Higher spirituality in the company of one’s elders knows when to voice an opinion and when not to, and higher spiritual teachers know when to ask of those individuals their opinions and when not to.

Higher spiritual personalities are ever so absolute. There is no question once they have presented their opinion based upon absolute reality as they know it. If question arises, it is in the misinterpretation of what the lower individual heard them say, and this is so throughout the ascension process. Truth is often misinterpreted, for it is heard at the level of one’s own spirituality and no more. The problem always arises, how does a higher ovan soul or being communicate with a lower one? Thus, spirituality is the ability to descend to a lower level and make one’s self understood at that level of communication. For if you are not understood at any level, you have no value as a teacher of cosmic reality. You may do well in the solitude of the libraries of time and space, but in practical application to the rest of creation you could become a worthless individualist, and at the point where this begins to happen, the personality begins to default.

Always in these cases, lack of patience is found in these individuals, and so it is increasingly important that the art of communication to lower-circle individuals be learned and acquired, and it begins in the personality when one begins to look at one’s own impatience and inflexibility. These tendencies are common to mortals of time and space void of the higher reception of the Holy Spirit, particularly in stronger Father-circuited personalities. In my own ascension to Paradise as a finaliter, it was one of my faults hardest to overcome. It is not in the text of this transmission to give the solutions to the preceding statement; I can only state the possible problem.

A person with higher spirituality is not envious or jealous of those who have acquired what he has not, either materially or nonmaterially. Envy and jealousy are two of the most difficult things to recognize in one’s self. It can take thousands of years within the growth of an ovan soul before the degrees of envy and jealousy of an individual can be recognized. These faults of character are, again, lengthy in concept to describe.

These unfortunate traits were found in Lucifer, and we have found that it is ever so difficult to open the eyes of those who have followed in his footsteps and acquired these unfortunate traits. Justification of one’s own jealousy and envy is quite a thing to measure on our side. There are volumes written on these subjects in the higher schools on the satellite worlds, so it is not a subject you just touch on.

One thing that we have found where envy and jealousy continue to exist in personalities is a decrease in their clairvoyant perceptions and of course the reception from their own Thought Adjuster, depending upon the spiritual acquiescence and other attributes of those individuals that determine the many things pertinent to their present reality and certain mandates given them. Mandates can be given to individuals who have traces of envy and jealousy, as mandates can be given to those with other bad habits.

It is true, God is the judge of these things; and it should be left to the Creator Son and personalities of Paradise origin to decide these things and contemplate upon them. We at lower levels can discuss these things and contemplate as to why mandates are given to the imperfect, but it is much easier for us to do so, for our memory circuits are more open at higher levels, and we remember our imperfect selves more clearly.

It is written that ascending mortals at times often think too highly of themselves. Spirituality and humility are siblings. They balance each other out and indeed are from the same parents. Humility cannot be known unless some form of spirituality exists, but spirituality can exist at a lower level where no humility at all exists. Spirituality comes first; humility follows, and grows, and grows, and grows. Throughout eternity humility is a learning process which increases one’s spirituality.

Spirituality is visionary. It is not crippled by fear. It is prophetic and finds its purpose in the recognition of the divine purposes of others as well as of oneself. The more one can recognize the function of others in the divine plan and can recognize another’s individual placement in the timetable of the divine clock, the higher the spirituality within the personality.

Spirituality is adventurous. It begins to take risks because of its increased faith, not only on the defaulted worlds of time and space, but in relation to other unknowns of time and space higher spirituality begins to build. It first learns to plant the seeds; then it learns to find the correct soils and what seeds to plant for the various beings of time and space. It learns the particular foods that need to be digested in body, mind, and spirit.

Spirituality does not always feel good to the individual, who learns to do what feels good to God and learns to recognize that one’s own feelings may interfere with the perfect will of God. A person learns to separate one’s likes and dislikes for the higher good of all. Higher spirituality is not based upon always catering to your feelings. It discerns the will of God upon the combination of mind and heart fused with the mandated purposes of God as given first through the Thought Adjuster, Spirit of Truth, and Holy Spirit within, and agreed upon then by Celestial Overcontrol at various levels, and on evolutionary worlds, by mortal eldership.

Higher spirituality learns not only to listen to the inner self but to the inner selves of others who are their spiritual elders—human or celestial personalities—who are all together hearing the same divine mind. Higher spirituality understands the difference between rest and slothfulness and can discern the same in others and can make use of idle time for the purposes of God wherever it may find itself. Moment to moment, it is always useful to God, even in periods of rest and relaxation it is in divine will.

Higher spirituality does not overwork itself to the point of indifference to family, social, or union-of-soul responsibility. Whatever it does, its purpose is within the divine will, and it has learned to accept each moment as a gift of divine origin and looks upon the moment as a continuing learning experience.

The previous comments on spirituality are just a beginning of the comments that could be made and are not complete by any standard of time and space. They are presented here to clarify some misconceptions on Urantia of who and what is spiritual. But before you can begin to understand any of this at the level necessary, I suggest that you turn your life over completely to God and request the Holy Spirit to make itself known within you, and this begins by accepting Christ Michael, your Universe Father, who became Jesus and left behind His Spirit of Truth for your education.

Begin your registration now at the University of Salvington so that your circuits can be opened to the capital of this universe of Nebadon, and align yourselves properly with the absolute truths which are the foundation and stepping stones to Paradise. If you have not taken this first step, please do.

February 6, 1992
Paladin, Chief of Finaliters;
in cooperation with Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon; in the adjudication of the Bright and Morning Star versus Lucifer for the implementation of the Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek, and his administration on Urantia;
As transmitted through
the Pre-Level-One Audio Fusion Material Complement,
Gabriel of Urantia