UnOccupying the Couch of Apathy Volume X, Number 3

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In this issue of the Alternative Voice, Gabriel of Urantia points out in his article, in order for a new, healthier paradigm to be created, more individuals need to become aware of the evil (error, sin, or even iniquity) in themselves and in the world that has contributed to the current global crisis. And then people need to become part of the Spiritualution movement that sees a better future for all of us and our descendants by creating cultures based on divine administration principles that are in alignment with God’s laws of love and real justice.

The authors of the other articles in this issue share their own personal stories of how they “came of age” and eventually ended up living in the EcoVillage of Global Community Communications Alliance located at Avalon Gardens. Three people left wealthy lifestyles, and all left some semblance of comfort in their jobs and relationships with family and friends. Three have doctorates—in medicine, psychology, and education—and four have a Bachelor’s degree. All consider themselves change agents and in the Spiritualution movement that hopefully will eventually embrace the 99% as well as the 1%, resulting in “a transformation of unprecedented dimensions, a turning point for the planet as a whole.