Conversations with Activists Complete 7- Interview series

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Gabriel of Urantia's Conversations with Activists is a 7 session interview series collection in which Gabriel of Urantia talks with musical, social, and spiritual activists from around the world, including musician Thomas Mapfumo (the "Lion of Zimbabwe") and actor Russell Means (1939-2012)—a leader and founding member in the American Indian Movement (AIM) and a civil rights activist.

Gabriel of Urantia has been proactive in the spiritual, social, and environmental arenas for more than 30 years. He was the first to develop the concept of "spiritual activism," which led to his SpiritualutionSM—Justice to the People movement that has inspired and influenced millions towards a better and brighter tomorrow. As a musical activist, Gabriel writes from his own life experiences, from his soul, and conveys the joy and pain of life through music to touch and inspire people to give them hope in the midst of day-to-day struggle and conflict. This motivating collection will inspire you to be the change you want to see in the world.



Session 1: Russell Means, Parts 1 & 2 (1 hour)

In parts 1 and 2 of a 4-part series Russell Means—actor, author, activist, and original member of the American Indian Movement (AIM)—discusses Genesis, Genocide, and Activism.

Session 2: Russell Means, Parts 3 & 4 (1 hour)

In parts 3 and 4 of this 4-part series, American Indian activist Russell Means shares about his life and experiences with The Unknown War and Rebirth. (1 hour)

Session 3: Three interviews (1 hour 30 min)

1) Dennis Banks - Native American leader, teacher, lecturer, activist and author. Cofounder of the American Indian Movement (AIM).

2) Nancy Red Star - Cherokee activist, author, historian, filmmaker, and UFO researcher.

3) Gary Farmer - Award-winning First Nations actor and musician. He was one of the founders of the Aboriginal Voices radio network, and is an avid supporter of native media projects in film, radio, television and the internet.

Session 4: Blue Thunder (Two-part series) (1 hour)

Younger Tribal Elder from the Wind River Indian Reservation of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, member of the Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth as a seed carrier of prophecies. 

Seesion 5: Two interviews (1 hour)

1) Thomas Mapfumo - Known as the Lion of Zimbabwe for his musical activism in freeing the country from British rule; creator of the popular Chimurenga or “struggle” music of Zimbabwe.

2) Lolo & Mimerose Beaubrun of Boukman Eksperyans - Haitian activists and voices for the people who ushered in a musical revolution with their Grammy-nominated debut album, Voudou Adjae. They perform social protest roots music.

Session 6: Three interviews (1 hour 30 min)

1) Fenton Wardle of the Reggae Angels - Lead vocalist and bandleader of the San Francisco-based Reggae Angels whose music speaks of God-consciousness and contains beneficial truths for all humanity with advice and prayers to bring us nearer to God.

2) Jah Levi - Musician with more than 25 years experience of touring and performing his unique blend of uplifting reggae/world fusion music with thought-provoking lyrics. His mission—to deliver the message of love, unity, and survival to millions of people worldwide.

3) Jen Chapin - Musician, social activist, and educator, with a life-long involvement in WhyHunger, an organization that supports innovative, community-based solutions to hunger and poverty. Jen is the daughter of the late folk songwriter and activist, Harry Chapin.

Session 7: Clyde Bellecourt (1 hour 50 min)

Clyde Bellecourt (Neegonnwayweedun), Founder & National Director of the American Indian Movement (AIM), is the most significant living American Indian in the United States.  Born in the Ojibwe tribe on White Earth Chippewa Reservation in northern Minnesota in 1936, he has been a relentless national and international advocate for social justice and equality all his life.