DVD Russell Means: Patriarchy vis a vis Matriarchy

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The L.A. Times has called Russell Means (1939-2012) "... the most famous American Indian since Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse." This video presentation by Global Change Multi-Media provides an intimate view of Russell Means, his journey, history, and life's work manifesting his vision of hope for the future of the Lakotah people. Russell Means has lived a life like few others in this century - revered for his selfless accomplishments and remarkable bravery.

Disc 1 is Russell Means' Presentation on Patriarchy vis á vis Matriarchy. The Lakotah are a matriarchal society, as are the vast majority of indigenous people of the world. In this hour-and-a-half presentation Russell Means shares in-depth his personal experiences, having been raised in a matriarchal home and also married into its culture. In matriarchy, the strengths of both sexes are celebrated and honored; it is a balanced society.

Disc 1 running time: 1:26:09

Disc 2 is Where White Men Fear to Tread: The Life Story of Russell Means Interviewed by Gabriel of Urantia. Gabriel of Urantia, spiritual leader, activist, published author, musician, and co-founder of the EcoVillage and spiritual community Global Community Communications Alliance conducts this eye-opening and touching interview with Russell Means in a 4-part series - Genesis, Genocide and Activism, The Unknown War, and Rebirth.

Disc 2 running time: 1:28:47