The High Cost of Healthcare: from Babies to Hospice - Spring 2008

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Health is linked with sensible living habits, happiness, mental clarity, emotional stability, and an awareness of spiritual reality.  Rather than compartmentalizing human beings into separate parts to be "treated" by specialists, exceptional healthcare givers/ministers have more of a "wholistic" perspective when interacting with those they are attempting to aid in becoming healthier by integrating and unifying and blending parts rather than separating them out.

In this issue of the Alternative Voice are articles written by two exceptional physicians, including Dr. Landau Larence; a psychologist; a nurse; and several paitients—all who have something to say about the state of the healthcare system in this country, based on their own personal experiences and thoroughly researched facts. All realize that healthcare should involve an integration of considering the whole person, which includes the entire physical body-system, as well as the emotional-, mental-, and spirit-systems of the individual.