Occupy! Where Do We Go From Here? Volume X, Number 2

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With the “viral” nature of the Internet, tools of connection and communication are exploding like never before, and we are witnessing people uniting in unprecedented ways to bring about change for a better world. It was through this avenue that the Occupy movement in this country was inspired by masses of citizens of several Arab countries taking to the streets in protest of governmental injustice, tyranny, and corruption.

This issue of the Alternative Voice considers the future of the Occupy movement. Gabriel of Urantia points out in his article that more of the people who have been very comfortable in their American Dream need to become Occupiers themselves, realizing that change is necessary in every area of our society in order to recreate the true ideals of democracy. 

Our three guest writers have traveled to various Occupy/99% events in several cities and states. BenDameean Steinhardt, as a result of his observations during his travels to cities on the East and West coasts as well as places in between, addresses in his article the necessity for stronger, cohesive leadership at all levels within the movement if it is to have any lasting power.

Kazarian Giannangelo shares his observations of his time in Washington D.C. at three different Occupy-related gatherings, noting the divisions between well-meaning people and the need for more unification within the movement. And Amadon DellErba writes of his diverse experiences with anarchists in his travels to Occupy events in several cities and how it clarified within him his own identity.