VansGuard Live at Avalon Gardens CD

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VansGuard’s rich sonic tapestry evokes a variety of traditions, including 1960s and 1970s folk, classic rock, 1990s singer-songwriter artists and modern adult contemporary. Though the Arizona-based group has garnered favorable comparisons to Fleetwood Mac, Natalie Merchant, and The Cranberries, their artistry is unprecedented.

VansGuard’s musicality stretches from boldly vulnerable balladry to invigorating rock. Each composition brims with enlightenment, poignancy, and poetry. With their distinct emotional flair, VansGuard music is filled with pointed commentary couched in social commentary, environmental activism and sustainability, universal spiritual epiphanies, and politics. These heartfelt sentiments and hard truths flow with grace and power. The twins are master melodic craftspeople steeped in the transformative tradition of Celtic vocal music and contemporary emotive pop.

The name VansGuard is a tribute to a spiritual warrior (the group is Van’s guard), and it affirms their strong commitment to their ideals — the vanguard is the frontline of an advancing military. VansGuard truly live their ideals. “It’s a lifestyle outside the mainstream that’s organized and stresses an organic way of living that extends to raw foods and not polluting our music with processed things like auto-tuning,” VansGuard drummer Amadon says. “We grew up in this culture and it’s our life.”